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Carpet Cleaning in Burlington, NJ

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Burlington, NJ

By choosing Mainline Chem-Dry for carpet cleaning in Burlington, NJ, you get a deeper clean, faster-drying carpet, and a healthier home for you and your family.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Carpets Dry in 1-2 Hours
  • Green-Certified Cleaning Solutions
  • Family Owned & Operated
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Carpet Cleaning That is Tested and Proved

Carpets act as filters, collecting dirt, dust, and allergens over time. To maintain a clean living space, regular and thorough carpet cleaning is essential. With pets around, carpets accumulate dirt and grime faster.

In a study by a leading independent air quality laboratory, Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process was tested in multiple homes. The results showed that our carpet cleaner removes an average of 98.1% of common non-living household allergens, including dust mite allergens and pet dander, from the carpets and upholstery we clean.

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The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, so carpets dry within hours, not days. This means you and your family can get back to enjoying your home sooner. See a full comparison of Chem-Dry vs steam cleaning to see all of the benefits of choosing Chem-Dry carpet cleaners.

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Our primary carpet cleaning solution is carbonated and as it penetrates deep into your carpet’s fibers, it lifts the dirt from deep within your carpets so it can be whisked away with our powerful extraction equipment giving you the most thorough clean. And there is no dirt-attracting residue left behind, so carpets stay cleaner longer.

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Our Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning services use a low-water method which means there is less risk of mold and mildew growth under your carpet that can result from the excessive water used by most steam carpet cleaners. We use a powerful cleaning solution, called The Natural, that does not contain any harsh soaps or chemicals and is completely safe and non-toxic for your family and pets.

Mainline Chem-Dry | Carpet Protectant Package

Regular use and spills can cause carpets to become stained over time. As the factory-applied stain resistance wears off, carpets become more susceptible to staining. Mainline Chem-Dry’s protectant package is a powerful supplement to our carpet cleaning service in Burlington, NJ, that restores the stain resistance of carpets by creating a barrier around the fibers that prevents soiling and staining by making spills easier to remove before they can cause permanent damage.

  • PowerGuard Protectant® – This revolutionary carpet stain protectant not only gives a boost to your carpet’s stain-resisting powers but works well with solution-dyed carpets.
  • Wool Protectant – Chem-Dry’s Wool Protectant is a water-based solution specifically designed to enhance the stain-resistant qualities of wool carpets and rugs. It defends against most liquid spills to stop stains in their tracks.
  • Repel Protectant – Repel Protectant works with all kinds of carpets by forming a protective shield around each carpet fiber. This liquid-repelling carpet solution doesn’t give stains the chance to set in. It repels most stains, allowing a window of opportunity for you to soak up the spill on your own before it adheres to the carpet fiber.
tested and proven. chem-dry carpet & upholstery cleaning removes 98.1% of allergens. Removes allergens from non-living sources, such as dog and cat dander and dust mite matter. Based on results from a study conducted by an independent lab using the Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction process. Figures are an average across multiple homes.

Carpet Stain Removal in Burlington, NJ

“If we can’t get it out. No one can.”

Mainline Chem-Dry’s dedicated technicians fear no stain! With unwavering determination, we have an impressive track record of successfully eliminating stubborn spots such as berries, soda, juice, blood, candy, nail polish, coffee, honey, red juice or punch, jelly, mud, lipstick, ketchup, marker, rust, throw-up, urine, wine, and many more. Our highly skilled staff possesses the expertise and tools to conquer even the most resilient stains, leaving your carpets and upholstery in Burlington, NJ, spotless and fresh. Trust us to tackle any stain with confidence and precision.

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comparison table of basic cleaning which includes pre-inspection and spot testing, pre-vacuuming, deep cleaning with HCE, and brush and groom carpet pile; the Protect Cleaning package which includes the basic package plus carpet protectant; and the Healthy Home Cleaning package which includes the Protect Cleaning package plus professional strength deodorizer

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Chem-Dry has become a trusted name in carpet cleaning households all over the U.S. Our carpet cleaners in Burlington, NJ, use a unique Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning process to deliver a deeper, longer-lasting carpet cleaning. Our unique cleaning is also green-certified, making it safe for pets, kids, and families in every home.

Mainline Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning in Philadelphia, King of PrussiaBlue Bell, Burlington, Mount Laurel, and the surrounding areas.

Carbonation Cleaning Benefits

Mainline Chem-Dry utilizes the natural cleaning power of carbonation to release and lift dirt and grime from deep within your carpets so they can be whisked away with our powerful extraction equipment for a clean that lasts.

Our unique carbonation process sinks deep into the fibers of your carpet. It then lifts dirt and grime to the surface. Our experienced carpet cleaners in Burlington, NJ, then effectively clean away the exposed dirt, offering your home a healthier, deeper clean.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a room?

Our room sizes are based on 200 sq ft. If any of your rooms are over 200 sq ft, there may be an additional area charge.

Can other carpet cleaning methods actually hurt my carpets?

Yes. Typical steam cleaning uses a process of dumping large amounts of soapy water into your carpets and then trying to suck it all back out. Because the heavy amount of water results in an extended drying time, usually 1-2 days, this method can actually cause carpets to rot or grow mold.


How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Industry experts suggest that homeowners clean their carpets every 3-6 months, especially in homes with kids, or pets, or if someone in your home has asthma or allergies. Regular cleaning will not only improve your home’s appearance, but it will eliminate non-living allergens, improve your home’s indoor air quality and extend the life of your carpeting.


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