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Area Rug Cleaning In Camden NJ

Area Rug Experts in Camden

Area and oriental rugs are a great way to add some color to any room. Similar to carefully chosen wall decor or fine paintings, these rugs play a pivotal role in shaping the overall character and adding the finishing touch to a meticulously decorated room. Unlike wall decor, though, area rugs tend to experience a considerable amount of foot traffic.

DIY area rug cleaning in Camden is not the best option, as it may damage the fibers of your rug. Instead of attempting to clean your delicate rugs alone, consider opting for professional cleaning services from Mainline Chem-Dry.

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  • Extends life of rug
room after area rug cleaning

Area rugs act as air filters for the home, trapping dirt and allergens and preventing those unhealthy elements from circulating to other rooms. But area rugs are only able to do this properly if they are kept clean.

The professionals at Mainline Chem-Dry provide high-quality area rug cleaning in Camden, NJ. We are focused on removing grime without damaging your cherished rugs.

Why Hire An Expert?

You wouldn’t send your car, a substantial investment, to a mechanic you haven’t fully vetted. Nor would you bring in someone to work on your refrigerator who wasn’t fully qualified. You would want an expert technician to work on each of these, someone who knows the best way to keep these possessions in prime condition. And just like your car or your refrigerator, you shouldn’t have your rugs taken care of by just anyone.

Chem-Dry’s professionals are trained for more than just upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning in Camden. Our professionals clean all types of rugs, from common area rugs to expensive and delicate Oriental or Persian rugs. For our expert area rug cleaning in Camden, we use specialized tools and equipment designed for whatever kind of rug you have, whether that is synthetic, wool, cotton, silk or one of many other types.

Our effective, yet gentle area rug cleaning and drying process preserves the dye within the fibers of your rug, leaving the colors in your rug vibrant and fresh. At Mainline Chem-Dry, we do everything we can to make sure your area rug looks beautiful, vibrant, and refreshed at the end of the cleaning process.



chem-dry technician inspecting area rug

Understanding Area Rug Cleaning

Some cleaning products used by other services leave behind residues after the cleaning is over, which can attract more dirt and dust and negate the benefits of the cleaning. Our specialty stain removal products and cleaning solutions don’t leave behind any sticky, dirt-attracting residues, which means that your area rugs stay cleaner longer – providing a cleaner, safer, and healthier home environment for your kids and pets.

Every area rug requires special care to maximize the life and durability of the piece. When selecting an area rug or Oriental rug cleaning service, it is worth paying attention to exactly how the people you hire will treat, clean, and handle your rugs.

Our trusted professionals can clean almost any rug and have it look fabulous. Whether you have a Pakistan-Keshan or a Romanian-Tabriz, you can trust our expert technicians to thoroughly but gently clean your area rug. We ensure your rugs are carefully handled and cleaned by our certified, trained specialists who perform a thorough evaluation on it to provide the safest, most effective rug cleaning for each rug. Due to the wide variety of construction materials and styles of area rugs, we’ll be happy to provide an in-home analysis for any rugs you’d like cleaned and prepare a no-obligation quote. 

Mainline Chem-Dry offers area rug cleaning in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, and Camden County. Contact us to get a free estimate on your next cleaning.

Steps To Prepare For Area Rug Cleaning In Camden

Prepare for a thorough and efficient Mainline Chem-Dry area rug cleaning in Camden with these five essential steps:

Step 1: Remove Clutter Before our expert cleaners begin, clear the rug of larger clutter such as shoes and toys. This ensures a thorough and safe cleaning process, eliminating tripping hazards.

Step 2: Remove Light Furniture If your area rug is under small furniture pieces like coffee tables, temporarily move them aside. While our technicians excel in oriental rug cleaning, they are not movers. After cleaning, you can return the furniture to its original place once the rug is dry.

Step 3: Note Stains and Focus Areas Identify any stains or specific areas that require extra attention. Share this information with our cleaners to ensure your complete satisfaction with the cleaning results.

Step 4: Prepare for Pets Introduce your pets to the idea of a new person in the house. To avoid agitation, consider having your pets stay with a friend or in another room or backyard during the cleaning. If you have lingering pet odors or stains, be sure to get a quote on our pet urine odor removal service.

Step 5: Clear a Path Create a clear pathway for the technician and their equipment from the vehicle to your front door and, ultimately, to the rug. Some technicians use van-attached equipment, so moving cars out of the way ensures convenient access.

By following these steps, you contribute to a seamless and effective area rug cleaning experience, leaving your rug refreshed and your space revitalized. Trust Mainline Chem-Dry for expert oriental rug cleaning that exceeds your expectations.

mainline chem-dry area rug cleaning

“Fabulous experience! Highly professional, courteous, detailed and did a very thorough job, even went over stubborn stains twice and removed them. Plus they got the edges of the carpet and tight corners that a competitor didn’t do well. Highly, highly recommend… and I don’t do online reviews….Mainline Chem Dry, Antoine and his team are worth it!”


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

The cost of cleaning an area rug depends on the following factors:

  • Whether you clean it yourself or have it professionally cleaned
  • The area in which you live, and the availability of cleaning services
  • The size of the rug
  • The extent of the dirt or damage

Does Mainline Chem-Dry offer coupons, specials or promo codes for carpet cleaning?

Yes, we do occasionally offer coupons and special promotions. You can find our current coupons on the Coupons page. You should also follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get the latest carpet cleaning coupons and be notified of promotions as soon as they are happening.

Do dry cleaners clean area rugs?

While some dry cleaners may clean an area rug, you are often better suited hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, as this is more in their purview.

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